How to Start Mixing Your Summer and Fall Pieces Now

Sep 19th 2019

Fall is on its way, but it's not here just yet. The temperature is still a little too hot to wear head-to-toe fall apparel. However, it will soon be a little too cold for a head-to-toe summer outfit. Now is the perfect time to introduce your fall pieces into your wardrobe, one by one. Discover how to start mixing your summer and fall pieces now by reading on!

Boutique Clothes Lakewood Ranch

Don't want to say goodbye to your favorite summer dress just yet? You don't have to! Wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath a summer dress to transition the piece into fall. You can also add pants to your dress to stay warm as the temperature slowly drops.

Another way to introduce fall pieces into your wardrobe is by layering your fall jacket over light summer layers. Play with textures by combining knit or leather outerwear with cotton and linen tops and skirts. If it feels a little too soon to wear your fall jacket in a traditional way, wear your jacket over your shoulders for a cape-like effect that is high fashion and breathable.

If the temperature is still too hot for your fall favorites, play with versatile accessories. For fall, textured bags like alligator and snakeskin are in. Wear your favorite summer pieces with a textured fall handbag to transition into fall trends, without getting too warm. Another way to beat the heat while keeping up with trends is playing with color. Wear summer pieces, like airy skirts and breezy blouses, in fall colors like green and brown. By mixing summer fabrics with fall colors, you can make a fashion statement.

Summer is all about breezy fabrics, while fall is all about structure. Combine the two by layering a structured blazer or vest over an airy summer blouse or dress. Get your wardrobe ready for fall by shopping at Scout & Molly's Lakewood Ranch! Visit our boutique at 5275 University Drive, Unit 132, in Bradenton today!

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